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Solo EP recorded at Coyote Face Recording in Lincoln, Nebraska by a dumb blonde Omaha boy.


released September 21, 2019

Alex Malnack - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Nate Skinner - Drums
Jeremy Wurst - Production, Mixing, vibes


all rights reserved



Blondo Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Sidelines
you're getting tired of the love you're missing
you're getting jealous of your friends' attention
and it's a shame but you don't know why
being single shouldn't make you cry

it's getting late and you're feeling lonely
you think aloud "why can't someone hold me"
don't worry baby it's just not your time yet
your dating just hasn't started

standing on the sidelines babe it's okay
i can feel you're eager for a chance to play
standing on the sidelines babe it's okay
take advantage of this view, call the shots when they're starting you

it's no wonder that you're existential
younger years are experimental
you got a shot but you're feeling nervous
you tell yourself that you don't deserve this
Track Name: Disappointment
college, freshman year
we were spending so much time together
watching futurama, drinking
crappy, yellow beer
i swear i fell in love with you and everything you said
cuz we're
finally alone, ready to go home
only to wake up holding hands
you got what you wanted
so lemme be honest
you're as shallow as it gets

this wasn't easy, believe me
i was hurt for so much time
but just in case you got me on your mind

trust me, it's not worth it
don't waste your fucking breath to tell me
"sorry im not perfect"
you're just another disappointment in the end

how could this be you
i swear that we were meant to be
i guess you're not the girl that i
simply thought i knew
nothing quite prepared me for the feeling of being used
by someone that you love
one time was enough
you should know we won't be friends
now that this cold war
is finally over
you oughta know that
Track Name: Everybody's Favorite Crazy Uncle
he's told me stories that i wouldn't want to share with anyone
the kinda guy who liked to lie and pull your leg to have fun
he's drunk at every family gathering even when there's no booze
he races teenagers in hondas and i know he'll never lose

he dreams that zombies will rise to slaughter everyone we know
all kinds of radical conspiracies for alien ufos
he once set fire to the pinata at my birthday party-o
and when he's old, he'll be the one who pulls the pranks
at the old folks' home

he's everybody's favorite crazy uncle
he's everybody's favorite crazy uncle

he spends a fortune on his fireworks every fourth of july
and when we listen to van halen he's so happy he could die
he's got tattoos of all the girls that he got with overseas
when he's around he'll make a bet on everything
for the money

he tells me he's not crazy, just a little wacky maybe
he tells me he's not crazy, just a little wacky maybe
Track Name: Chip On My Shoulder
im getting older im not growing up
an education never did enough
im 22 and im still a kid
go out and drink for the hell of it

i wrote a lot of melodies
hoping to save the memories
growing up is such a pain
i know that im the one to blame
for the chip on my shoulder

"life is hard," they don't disagree
that's what my parents keep on telling me
go get a job before it's too late
we love you son, we know you'll do great

and every day just feels the same
nothing ever seems to change
im praying i don't miss my chance
before a boring life can claim me

im dying to begin
but time keeps slipping away from me
im still seventeen
chasing after dreams i've yet to see
a kick in the head is all i need
but i won't quit cuz this here guitar sings
of opportunity

i lose my temper when they criticize
not in the mood to apologize
cuz everybody walked all over me
i never stood up for what i believed

i craved attention all the time
but depression plagued my mind
don't wanna burden anyone
with the thoughts that have become
so much darker and colder
Track Name: Done
talk about this chick
back in high school
you dated
she was overrated
and now im a jerk

for saying that
you could do
without her
cuz she never
put in the work

don't take my advice
always throw it away
and be bitter
when you know
im right

forget this
all happened
and i won't
go crazy
cuz i never wanted to fight

im done
im done

talk about this chick
late last summer
a girl
a world
of problems she had in her life

the times that
she called me
hung up
cuz nothing i told her was right

don't take my advice
if you'll throw it away
and be bitter
when im not your friend

this shit is frustrating
and im only waiting
for this awkward silence
to end
Track Name: Geno's
there's a little bar right down the road
a little place we all like to go on friday night
after work's been a bitch to us we'll feel alright

did you hear me and courtney broke it off
"maybe you can learn something" you scoff
at me but hopefully we'll be friends
i wish her all the best

oh michelle, tonight was hell
despite it all im doing well
two vegas bombs and that'll do
unless i can buy something for you

im fallin' in love with someone new

yeah she's cute
she's a perfect little creature through and through
and i know you are thinkin'
what the hell are you doin' to yourself

everything seems so perfect now
she and i are so in love with how we never seem to fight
or lose the spark we had that first night out

but i can tell that there's something eating her
deep beneath the skin there's something worse
she's unfulfilled and sad
and it's my bad it feels like a curse

oh michelle, tonight was hell
despite it all im doing well
just a beer for tonight
gonna try to make it all go right again

im just tired of overthinking

yeah she's cute
she's a perfect little creature through and through
and i know you are thinkin'
what the hell are you doin' to yourself

oh michelle
something's wrong
should've known this all along

maybe my friends were right again
and this is what i get for ignoring them
but this sucks i won't pretend

could've gone about this a better way
i loved her more than i could say
but you know it's better off this way we'll be okay

oh michelle, this life is hell
despite it all im doin' well
gonna need a forklift for the baggage can't you tell

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